Social Media


Social media is the most recent and rapidly developing way for businesses to grow in all industries and sectors. Social media has become the most important tool for businesses to advertise, promote, inform, and represent the business. This has been achieved by the increasing use and importance of social media platforms in our day-to-day lives.

Social media is a rapidly evolving climate where businesses can thrive or die in a matter or days. This can be attributed to the nature of the platform itself. All major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fundamentally priorities posts on two things. Feedback and time (since posted). Feedback can be in the form of ‘likes’, ‘retweets’, upvotes, downvotes, dislikes, hashtags,  shares, comments, favourites, reblogs. The list goes on and on. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide users the tools for growth and offer equal potential.

But how can social media help you? How can you utilise this opportunity?

Social media provides you an ample platform to promote yourself, your product, and your message. Digital Businesses and Marketing are two of the most increasingly important and modern career paths…


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